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The Ultimate Voting Pads-Instant Live Feedback

TurningPoint allows you to create questions in advance or insert them during polling "on-the-fly"

Voting pads collect the real-time responses from audience without delay.

Error-free, Reliable and Easy-To-Use modern response technology

Features of our State-of-the-Art Audience Response System

Simple-To-Setup & Easy-To-Use Response System

Our ready-to-use ResponseCard LT has plug-in-play connectivity. Simply plug-in the RF receiver in your computer and ResponseCard LT is ready to deliver your interactive presentation. Audience Response System LT is fully integrated with MS PowerPoint. It allows you to put your question with just one click. You can ask Multiple Choices, Multiple Responses, True-False, Yes-No, Right-Wrong, Matching, priority ranking and opinion based question using our response system.

Various Questions Types and Options

Our Audience Response Systems supports various types of questions and options. You can create multiple choices, multiple responses, true-false, right-wrong, matching types, numeric responses, short answer, essay types, opinion types and demographic questions using our state-of-the-art audience response system.

Poll On Any Environment

TurningPoint Response System enables you to complete your assessment in any polling environment, you don't need to restrict yourself on only PowerPoint. Our powerful response system is fully integrated to PowerPoint and allows you to poll by just inserting question slide in your presentation. Besides PowerPoint it also allows to poll on any application such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Webpage, Video and impromptu types questions. It has advanced self-paced mode which allows participants to answer the question at their own pace.

Easy to use response system


Excellent Reports Customization

Voting pads provide instant real-time data and enable you to customize the reports in desired format. You can format report in different charts such as Vertical, Horizontal, Pie, 3D Pie, Distributed Pie,Doughnut and different animated charts. You can export reports in Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF. These reports can be sent via mail or uploaded on Website.

Anonymous Access For Powerful Privacy

TurningPoint allows you to poll on sensitive topic anonymously without tracking participants information. Hence you provide complete secure interactivity to your audience. Simply put a survey quiz to your audience and make it anonymous, participants can answer without worrying about their personal information. Hence it ensures the privacy of your participants.

Anonymous polling

Battery backup

Powerful Battery Back-up

Our Clickers have powerfull battery back up last up to 12-14 months. Clicker has deep sleep mode when not in use. This battery backup is more than any other clicker in the world.

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