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Powerful handheld Digital Teaching Pad from Turning Technologies, USA
Deliver teaching content wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom
Speed, Reliabilty and Simplicity
Cost-Effective, Compact Size and Robust Mobile Digital Whiteboard

Mobiview - Handheld Digital Whiteboard
Creates interactive learning environment, delivers instructional content cordlessly, analyses real-time assessment data, keeps the audience energized and so on..

MobiView is a handheld interactive whiteboard used to deliver content wirelessly while moving in the entire classroom. It has 4.3" colour LCD screen which allows you to launch any program, documents, website, video or any other instructional material on one touch. MobiView is its first kind of interactive teaching pad enables the teacher to annotate the content and analyze the real-time assessment data without using computer.
Award-winning workspace software is paired with Interactive MobiView, which provides more than 65 easy-to-use annotation tools to deliver and monitor instructions, highlight certain information, convert handwritten text into more readable content, creates different shapes and equations. MobiView is fully empowered by workspace, and controls your computer wirelessly while moving in your classroom.
MobiView creates interactive learning environment for both teacher and students. 9 participants can interact and share same lesson at a time with single receiver.

MobiView Specifications

DIGITIZING TECHNOLOGY Electromagnetic position-sensing
DIGITIZING RESOLUTION 1000 points per inch
OUTPUT RATE 60 Coordinates pairs per second
LCD DISPLAY 4.3" Color TFT with resistive touch screen (finger or pen)
PLATFORM SUPPORTS Microsoft Windows® (7, XP or Vista), Mac OS X, and Linux
POWER MANAGEMENT Auto-sleep mode (after 20 min.), adjustable screen dim timer, adjustable screen brightness.
WIRELESS RANGE 50 ft (15.24m) open field line of sight.
MAX. PADS PER CONFIGURATION Up to 9 Mobi mobile interactive whiteboards can give simultaneous input to a single computer.
INTERACTIVE PEN Electromagnetic, interactive, AAAA pen provides full mouse capability (left and right click, drag and drop, etc.) when using Mobi View.
LANGUAGES Language support for English, English UK, German, Polish, Portuguese PT, Portuguese BR, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French.


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