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Interactive teaching pad


Interactive Wireless Teaching Pad
Optimized to deliver & monitor content.
Offers Interactivity, Affordability Reliability and Simplicity
Cordless, Compact and Robust Handheld Digital Whiteboard

Interwrite Mobi - Interactive Teaching Pad
provides instructor to deliver learning material wirelessly, creates digital learning environment, replaces traditional whiteboard and increases learners attention

Interwrite Mobi is handheld digital whiteboard which is designed enhance learning experience and to reduce the cost of traditional interactive whiteboard. It is extremely portable device allows you to control your PC from anywhere in the classroom. Interwrite Mobi is powered by our award-winning WorkSpace software. WorkSpace provides many writing and annotation tools to deliver and monitor teaching instructions.
Up to 9 participants can participate and share same lesson at the same time. Mobi provides the student-centric learning which results in higher academic achievements. It has large LCD screen to view the assessment data. Mobi Pad provides collaborative experience both teacher and students.

Interwrite Mobi Specifications

Model MobiPad™
Platform supports Microsoft Windows® (7, XP or Vista), Mac OS X, and Linux
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 40° to 115° F (5° to 46° C)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
BATTERY LIFE Typical classroom usage: 8 hours
RANGE 50 ft (15.24m)
RECEIVER DONGLE Slim Type(stores directly in tablet)
MAX. PADS PER CONFIGURATION Up to 30 Mobi™ can be connected to a single computer. Up to 9 Mobi™s can give simultaneous input to a single computer.


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