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Turning Technologies PresenterCard RF

Turning Technologies PresenterCard PC RF-01 CLICKER FOR PRESENTER/ TEACHER/ TRAINER

Powerful Sessions Controller from Turning Technologies, USA.
Open and advance polling anytime.
Start/Stop Polling, Show/Hide Results, Forward/Back Slides.
Control PowerPoint and AnyWhere polling from anywhere in the room

Turning Technologies PresenterCard RF - Assessment Session Controller
Controls polling session from anywhere in the room, enables teacher to move in the classroom, starts and stops the polling, shows and hides the TurningPoint functions.

Turning Technologies PresenterCard RF is a clicker for teacher that controls TurningPoint assessment software. It allows presenters the ability to control the presentation session while moving in the classroom. Presentercard provide the ability to open and close the polling, start and stop the timer, forward and reverse the assessment slides, show and hide results, show and hide the presentation window and so on. Presentercard controls PowerPoint and AnyWhere polling from anywhere within the range of 200 feet. You can access any slide of your TurningPoint presentation by using forward and back button. You can display the desired assessment function in using Presentercard.

Turning Technologies Presenter Card RF Features

Start/Stop button to start and stop the polling session
Forward button advances the polling slides
Back button allows you to revisit previous slides
Presentercard has 3 programmable buttons to customize through settings
Allows presenter to start and stop the timer
Enables you to show and hide participants response grid
Enables you to show and hide presentation window
Enables you to show and hide the results

Turning Technologies PresenterCard RF Specifications

SIZE & WEIGHT Height: 3.3 inches (83.8 mm)
Width: 2.1 inches (53.3 mm)
Depth: 0.3 inches (7.6 mm)
Weight: 1.0 ounce (28.4 grams)
RANGE 200' radius (400' coverage)
Input Capability 8 keys, Forward Arrow, Back Arrow, Start/Stop Button, Show/Hide Button, Channel Button
BATTERY & POWER Two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries
Deep sleep mode when not in use
Average battery life is six months
USER IDENTIFICATION Select a channel, indicating session choice
Select a channel anytime - even when a session is underway
DISPLAY LCD Viewable Screen Display
Height: 0.4 inches (1.1 mm)
Width: 0.6 inches (1.5 mm)
Visual Confirmation
Channel Setting
Battery Life

LED Light
Green Light - Response Confirmation (Three Seconds)
RF TECHNOLOGY 74 channels can be running at once in close proximity.
Fully FCC, CE and Industry Canada certified.
Will not interfere with other technologies.
PARTICIPATION 1000 Participants/RF Receiver.
QUESTION TYPES Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True/False, Yes/No, Right/Wrong, Matching, Priority Ranking etc.
RF Receiver (RRRF-04)

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