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Response-Card RF LCD voting pad


Powerful Student Response System from Enjoy Vote
Optimized for any size Training and Learning environment.
Reliable, Compact, Robust and Simple-to-Use Classroom Response System | Clicker

Response Card RF LCD - Student Response System
Creates interactive learning environment, enhances students attention and understanding, increases participation, keeps the students engaged and energized.

Response Card RF LCD is simple-to-use RF technology based Student Response System, designed by Turning Technologies USA. This Response System is used to receive instant responses from students and display live results. Teacher can store these responses for detailed analysis and evaluation. Response Card RF LCD allows trainer to measure students' performance on-the-fly. RF LCD Clicker has small LCD screen to view answer confirmation, channel number and battery life. Response Card RF LCD is lightweight, robust, compact and ready-to-use Classroom Response System.

Responsecard RF LCD is powered by TurningPoint assessment software, which allows teacher to conduct an assessment session in PowerPoint and AnyWhere polling environment. Responses submitted by Response Card RF LCD are accurate, error-free, timely and effortlessly. Student Response system RF LCD is fully integrated and compatible to all versions of MS PowerPoint. Classroom Response System is an easiest way to create interactivity between student and teacher. Clickers enable teacher to gather students responses easily, display live result and manage the graphical reports in different formats.

How Response Card RF LCD Helps You?

SIMPLE SETUP TO ASK QUESTIONS Easy to use student response system

Response Card RF LCD is ready-to-use Student Response System and has simple plug-in-play connectivity. Simply plug-in the USB receiver in your PC and response system is ready to collect responses and deliver interactive lecture. Response System RF LCD allows you to insert the assessment slide anywhere in your presentation with just one click. You can ask Multiple Choices, Multiple Responses, True-False, Yes-No, Right-Wrong, Matching, priority ranking and opinion based question using our Student Response System.


Response Card RF LCD gathers all the responses from students instantly. These responses are locally saved in computer for further analysis and to generate and export reports. Responses received by RF LCD are completely error-free and provide the real-time time assessment data. Student Response System RF LCD empowers even reluctant participants to answer for any topic or subject. RF LCD has help button, which helps participants to raise their hand for any doubt during the presentation without any interruption.

GENERATE GRAPHICAL REPORTS Custom reports by our clickers

RF LCD Clicker allows you to view live performance report of collective or individual participant. Assessment session is saved in host computer and teacher can export the report in Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF file. RF LCD works with TurningPoint software, which provides many options to customize the assessment report. TurningPoint offers various graph options to use in your session such as Vertical, Horizontal, 3D Pie, Distributed Pie, Offset, Doughnut etc. RF LCD Clicker also generates reports demographically.

Student Response System ResponseCard RF LCD Features

Create powerful and interactive learning environment
RF LCD clicker is used in two-way RF communication
Instantly collects the students responses accurately
keeps the students engaged and energized throughout the lecture
Respond easily on live questions on PowerPoint or over any other application
Visual confirmation of response via its LCD screen
Increase knowledge retention in students
Anonymous polling to collect information on sensitive topic
Enhance students understanding for subjects
Increase participants' attention and attendance
Small compact size, lightweight and robust assessment system
Response Card RF LCD allows to answer a question having up to 10 answer choices.
Long lasting battery life. Deep sleep mode when not in use
Up to 1000 participants can answer within 400 ft coverage


SIZE & WEIGHT Height: 3.3 inches
Width: 2.1 inches
Depth: 0.3 inches
Weight: 28.4 grams
RANGE 200' radius (400' coverage)
Input Device Capability 12 Keys (1/A - 10/J, Ch/Channel, ?).
Answer Key - answers automatically transmitted.
Programmable - manually enter new ID number.
ResponseCard Programmer compatible.
BATTERY & POWER Two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries, average life 12 months.
Deep sleep mode when not in use
USER IDENTIFICATION Select a channel in less than five seconds, indicating session choice
Select a channel anytime - for new entrants to join session midway
Channel selection is stored in nonvolatile memory
Channel selection is preserved until changed by moderator
DISPLAY LCD Screen Display-Height: 0.4 inches, Width: 0.6 inches (1.5 mm)
Indicators-Response Confirmation, Channel Setting, Battery Life
LED Light Green Light - Response Confirmation (Three seconds)
Red Light - Response Unconfirmed
RF TECHNOLOGY 82 channels
Fully FCC, CE and Industry Canada certified
Will not interfere with other technologies
Not limited to line-of-sight transmission
Ability to prohibit audience from channel changing
PARTICIPATION 1000 Participants/RF Receiver
QUESTION TYPES Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True/False, Yes/No, Right/Wrong, Matching, Priority Ranking etc.
RF Receiver (RRRF-04)

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