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Powerful Audience Response System from Turning Technologies, USA
Optimized for any size presentation environment.
Speed, Reliabilty and Simplicity
Cost-Effective, Compact Size and Robust Student Response System

ResponseCard QT -Instant Assessment System
Creates interactive presentations, enhances audience understanding, increases participation and knowledge retention, keeps the audience energized and so on..

Turning Technologies QT response system is RF (Radio Frequency) based full featured audience response system. It has QWERTY keypads to submit your feedback in the same way as you use PC keyboard. Its large LCD screen and backlight display response submission, channel number and battery life. ResponseCard QT supports multiple choice, multiple responses, true/false, yes/no and short answer. It also supports presentation and self-paced test mode.

How Response Card QT Helps You?


Our ready-to-use RF receiver has plug-in-play connectivity. Simply plug-in the RF receiver in your computer and RF is ready to deliver your interactive presentation. Audience Response System QT is fully integrated with MS PowerPoint. It allows you to put your question with just one click. You can ask Multiple Choices, Multiple Responses,Numerical Response, Short Answer, True-False, Yes-No, Right-Wrong, Matching, priority ranking and opinion based question using our response system.


RF Receiver collects all the responses from participants instantly. These responses are stored in computer for further reports analysis. These responses are completely error-free and provide the valuable data within the stipulated time frame. Voting pad QT enables participants to vote on any topic/issue. Our audience response system also allows audience to give their opinion on sensitive subject anonymously. You can collect thousands responses at a time.


You can view live assessment reports using our Response System. Once you collect responses from participants, these responses are saved to generate different graphical reports within seconds. Reports can be customized in many graph formats such as Vertical, Horizontal, 3D Pie, Distributed Pie, Offset, Doughnut etc. You can also export these reports in Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML and many others. QT allows you to generates reports demographically on the basis of team competition.

Audience Response Systems Features

It has QWERTY keypads
It has large LCD screen and backlight to display response, channel number and battery life.
Channel search.
Automatic input mode selection.
Letters, numbers and symbol support.
Student ID submission with each response.
User feedback in both Presentation and Test mode.
Skip questions and return to questions at end of test.
Instructor can use real-time progress monitoring solution.
Instructor can display individual test results or a custom message to each student.


SIZE & WEIGHT Height: 5.6 inches
Width: 2.8 inches
Depth: .75 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces (Included weight of 2 AAA batteries)
RANGE Presentation Mode - Range for one RF Receiver is 200 feet (400 ft. coverage)
Test Mode - Data is stored in nonvolatile memory until individual finishes test and uploads responses
finishes test and uploads responses
Input Device Capability QWERTY Entry
56 Keys, Reliable Metal Dome Buttons
Supported Symbols . , ` " ; : ! \ ? @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = / < > [ ] { } ? € £
BATTERY & POWER Two AAA batteries
Average battery life is 6 to 12 months
Use ResponseCard Programmer to adjust ID
Setup is plug and play
DISPLAY LCD Display- Height: 26.9 millimeters, Width: 57.1 millimeters
Indicators- Channel Number
Battery Life Indicator
Answer Choice
Response Confirmation
RF TECHNOLOGY 74 channels
Fully FCC, CE and Industry Canada certified
Will not interfere with other technologies
TurningPoint Cloud
Insight 360 v.2.3.2 and higher
Flow v.1.7 and higher
PARTICIPATION 1000 Participants/RF Receiver
QUESTION TYPES Multiple Choice, Multiple Response,Numerical Response, Short Answer, True/False, Yes/No, Right/Wrong, Matching, Priority Ranking etc.
RF Receiver (RRRF-04)

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