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The Ultimate Voting Pads-Instant Live Feedback

TurningPoint allows you to create questions in advance or insert them during polling "on-the-fly"

Voting pads collect the real-time responses from audience without delay.

Error-free, Reliable and Easy-To-Use modern response technology

What are the benefits of Voting Pads?

Benefits to Faculty/Instructor
  • Test creation within 20 seconds on any subject using our powerful student response system
  • Conduction of concepts test within 2-3 minutes for any class and group of students
  • Immediate result and individual student's report cards generation in different formats
  • Audience response system enhances the learner's progress in corrective manner
  • Enhances the effective time-management and reduces the burden of staff-work to be carried home
  • Student response system avails extra time for you to teach as assessment load no more exists
Benefits to Students/Participants
  • Enhances interest of students to solve each question confidently
  • Instant result and performance analysis helps students to adjust their own focus on learning
  • Students have receptive frame of mind to enter class confidently
  • Student response system reduces the examination pressure
  • Audience response system helps students to be exceptionally smart
  • Helps students to induce unprecedented excitement in learning
  • Evolves profound proficiency in time management
Benefits to Management
  • Increase the achievement level of their students to an exceptionally high standard
  • No strugglers are left behind as failure rate of students is reduced to nil
  • Easy access to students personalized reports
  • Enables preparation of the students for all type of competitive examinations
  • Easy evaluation of teaching methodologies adopted
  • Audience response system creates passion for teaching, learning & evaluation
  • Success rating of students becomes very high using our student feedback system

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